Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A day, a week, a month behind

I keep waiting for life to slow down around here. Instead, It seems to continually get busier and more hectic. Thank heavens for a snow day! We got over a foot of snow last night and life was forced to a small halt for a bit. (giving me sometime to play catch up!) Forever ago, I lost my camera charger and finally got a new one and have once again started taking some pictures of life around us :) I've been a slacker with regards to blogging, so this is going to be a crazy blog post of the last 5 weeks.

First up is Valentine's Day. My friend Tosha is a fabulous creator of anything and everything eatable. She loves to have parties that are surrounded by food and has a big, beautiful dinner for friends on Valentine's Day. Everyone is required to bring their favorite romantic movie clips... very interesting. I never would think Napolean Dynamite or Taladega Nights fell into the "romantic" catagory. I was wrong. It was an amazing, yummy and super fun night!

The Allreds and Cooper-Leavitts

Jensens :)

Sverre making our valentine's picture extra special :)

Me and Tosha.

Half the group waiting to start the movie clips.

Next up, is the horrible flu-cough we all got(minus Niles). It was miserable and I'm glad we are at the tail end of it. I was the last to get it after the twins. I finally just crashed in bed one day last week and barely moved. The twins disappeared downstairs for a bit and then came up with adorable cards and "nourishment" to help make me better :) Best Doctors ever.


Then we have St Patrick's Day. The leprachaun's once again came and made a mess in our kitchen and threw candy everywhere. We tried to keep with the green breakfast and decided to try out "Irish" pancakes. (green german pancakes). I'm thinking we will try something new for next year. We still ate it, inspite of it's uneatable appearance.

With every holiday come cards and a $1 dollar bill for London and Soren from Great Aunt Cindy. They love it and are always so excited to get mail! Thanks for the Valentine's and St.Patrick's day cards. They loved them.

And lastly, for the grand finale of this month's fun.....Tosha and my (oops!) matching outfits at her son Collin's baptism. Really, what are the chances we would wear the exact same thing. Crazy!