Sunday, February 5, 2012

Zane turns 1!

Our sweet, little Zane turned 1 this January! We can't believe it has been a year since he was born. What happiness and joy he has brought into our family. Poor kid, unfortunately had a birthday on a very big Bronco playoff game day - so his birthday was cut a bit short. Anyone who knows NIles would appreciate the swiftness in which he conducted Zane's birthday festivities. I was seriously still eating my dinner while Niles started to load the kids in the car! Niles sped home (and Niles never speeds) for cupcakes, pictures and birthday wishes! the entire time NIles is rushing, rushing because the game is going to start any minute and his nacho cheese dip is not ready yet!!! At the very least, it was entertaining to see Niles in such a hurry;) and Zane won't remember anything anyway. Happy Birthday baby Zane!

Christmas 2011

This year our holiday weeks of fun turned out to be our holiday weeks of fiasco and ruin! And through it all we still were able to enjoy the season with our family and had many opportunities to choose to laugh at the situations - life my friends is not perfect.
A few memorable examples.

1) Our family tree cut excursion. this misadventure began when Niles thought I was watching for the turn off in the mountains, but was actually sleeping....oops! 4 hours later, in the dark, we just decided to go to Qdoba and pull our fake tree up from the basement.

2) Our annual Denver parade of lights got the axe when considering to take 3 children downtown in subzero temperatures didn't seem so fun and festive. First year in 4 that we haven't gone. There is always next year!

3) I did get everyone to go ice skating downtown even though it was freezing and windy! Poor Zane was miserable....and we ended up leaving early due to our freezing wind chapped children. OH well - you win some, you lose some.

At the very least, these misadventures will provide lots of laughs for us in the future. The season provided us with many great opportunities to remember our blessings and what we are truly grateful for in our lives. How fortunate we are to know that we have a loving Savior that came into this world for our benefit.