Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas decorating at the Wattersons

Once again we brought out the Christmans decorations the day after Thanksgiving! This year was the best yet! The twins are really into Christmas this year and took it upon themselves to get started without the help of mom and dad! They were so proud of themselves and their decorating abilities. It made for a fun day!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

dinner...a lesson learned.

Those of you who know how cheap I am with regards to spending money on food will hopefully appreciate this.
I didn't feel like making dinner tonight for the following reasons: I had just finished cleaning up from breakfast, everything eatable was in the freezer, I couldn't wipe off my counters one more time, and I was tired and didn't want to spend anytime doing anything that didn't involve sitting. I'm aware, all fabulously lazy reasons. so the doorbell rings and it's this sweet teenage boy selling a pizza cafe coupon book. Great, it's only $20 and we'll save so much money down the road...mistake number one. Next, we load up the kids for an enjoyable dinner in a nice Pizzaria. Finally, we get there after 30 minutes of bad traffic to find out it's only a delivery place, no dining in...ugh! We order, we pay more money because we can't use multiple coupons at once (my mistake), we wait in the parking lot for 20 minutes with 2 three year olds, we drive back home in traffic. So, after one hour in the car, we finally arrived home to eat our $30 meal that's probably worth $5 and I got to load dishes, wipe off the table and counters! But, the kids loved it! It was an adventure for them and a lesson learned for me....don't buy coupon books and just defrost the chicken in the freezer!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween trick-or-treat!

Once again this year, the Cooper-Leavitts invited us over for dinner and trick-or-treating. I love this little tradition because Niles and Jeremy get to bundle up and walk around with the kids, while Tamara and I get to stay nice and warm inside! The kids had a great time. Lovey was a "princess" bumblebee (I had already bought the bee outfit when she decided she was going to be a I convinced her she was a princess bumble bee. She loved it, has no idea I fooled her, and corrected anyone who assumed she was only a bumble bee.) Soren was Batman and played a great superhero! He's worn his costume every minute possible since I would let him. He's probably sleep in it and wear it to preschool daily if permitted!