Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Girls Trip #2

If you were to ask Niles he would say this was Girls Trip #100 for the year! When I reminded him I was going and started discussing the (his) itinerary for while I was away - He said "Haven't you already gone on 3 or 4 girls trips this year???" There hasn't been that many and unfortunately there won't be.

This trip was for my dear friend Heather's 28th birthday. We flew her in from Texas and went downtown for the weekend to celebrate. We have all missed her immensely and it was great to have her all to ourselves for 4 days! It was so much fun - I think we should fly her in every year!

There was a pool on top of the hotel that was so nice!

Out to dinner.

Of course, at yogurtland....our first stop.

We went to see our sweet friend Rachelle's new baby girl.

Did some shopping - where Joc tried to convince me, jokingly that this fab number was cute. Then watched me squirm while I tried as kindly as possible to tell her she was dead wrong:) Anthropologie - what were you thinking!


Our not so little Zane has been affectionately called Bubba for quite some time. Weighing in at 17lbs 11oz at 6 months is a record at our house. Soren didn't weigh this much until he was a year old! He is a wonderful little man that we all just adore.

THE OTHERS - We do have other children that we love just as much and as frequently as the little man. London and Soren continually amaze and impress us. Their little personalities keep us always entertained.....and how can you not love the millions of freckles on their faces:) Really, what's not to love.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fourth of July 2011

Enjoyed another fabulous weekend up in Granby for the July 4th holiday. We love it up there! We did all the traditional, fun Granby activities - Parade, barbeque, kids competition in the park and then up to Grand Lake for fun at the beach. Later that evening we went to Fraser for some great fireworks. It was a wonderful weekend! We loved every minute.

Our traditional family hike at Adam's falls in Grand Lake - Yes, Lovey has tp in her nose. It was a rough hike for her:)