Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do dreams come true?

Another conversation in the car goes like this:

Lovey: Mommy, How do dreams come true?

Me: Well, you work really hard, be a good girl and make right decisions.
(I"m thinking in the future...ei: married in the temple, a great education, etc.)

Lovey: Well, I've been good all day and worked hard, and my dream hasn't come true.

Me: What exactly was your dream?

Lovey: I want to be a mermaid.

Me: Err?

Poor thing was completely dismayed to find out she would never turn into Ariel....Darn that Disney!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The After Christmas Party

The After Christmas Party is what happens when everyone's emailed re:christmas party 100 times and we still can't find a date to get together. The post holiday outing, as always, was a blast. There was no shortage of hilarious stories, delicious food and to end the Erin Jensen entertainment extravaganza!

Niles & Sverre...Dj's for the Erin Extravaganza.

The Erin Extravaganza at it's peak.

more of the same.

Marilee, Tamara and Neeley at dinner.

Me, Erin and Mindy.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Case of the Punkie Brewsters

Amongst all the sick chaos this past little while, London was given free reign to dress herself...a privilege usually saved for Saturdays. The picture below is a "Lovey original", it's easy to see she looks fabulous.
For all those concerned, Soren is now doing much better....which means my state of being is much improved. 6 hours sleep never felt so good! They found that he had Mesenteric Adenitis. AKA: inflammation of the lymph nodes surrounding the large and small intestines. It portrays itself like an acute appendicitis. Some good pain killers and sleep and he has been good to go. Thank goodness. I've never appreciated normal life more than I do at this moment.

Lovey in all her glory.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Perfect Storm

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am not a night I sit her at 3am blogging. Yes, blogging at 3 am as I sit here on my bathroom floor next to my sick little boy who can only sleep in the tub. Not normal....I'm well aware. Soren started getting sick over Christmas with horrible abdominal cramps(not much else) and has since slept mostly in the comfort of a warm bath with either Niles or I taking shifts hovering over him at all hours of the day...hence the blogging at 3am...gotta stay awake!

We've been to the ER, the doctor's office....tests have been run, and yes the fun ones. Tomorrow it's a CT Scan. Nothing life threatening...poor guy just can't sleep or eat....which means no one does....well London does occasionally get fed and put to bed.

I've been keeping it together...until the other day I had what my friend Mindy calls a "Major, Minor". Translation: a momentary meltdown where you crack from the pressure.
Two things make me acutely aware that I am "mildly" OCD or controlling. 1) my husband 2) situations like the present.

The stage and the reason for the "Major, Minor": dirty dishes in the sink, laundry(albeit clean) piled HIGH in my bedroom, going on 40 plus hours of cartoon Disney, dirty (seriously disturbing) kitchen floor, cracker crumbs in my bed(yummy), haven't run regularly since before Christmas, haven't slept since Christmas, a little boy who is almost constantly kealed over in pain with a sweet little daughter who is seriously considering becoming a hypocondriac to get some attention.....the perfect storm.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas vacation

We were on the move this holiday. First, we were off to the cabin at Granby with Niles family for 4 days around Christmas. We had a great time sledding, eating, sleeping and playing with cousins. Afterwards, we were off to Keystone with my family for 4 days for some skiing, hot tubs and ice skating....there was also lots of food involved. I highly recommend ski's great having someone else teach your kids the basics of skiing. It's fabulous! We all had a blast and the twins are so sad that their cousins aren't around 24/7 to play with.....Back to real life. Thanks to our parents for providing such a fun Christmas break. We had a wonderful time with both families.

Niles and the twins listening to Grandpa Russ read the Christmas Story.
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Christmas Eve of my favorite things!

The usual pile of cousins on poor Avery.

Soren fear, this one.

All the fear went into this one..Lovey braving the cold with Niles.

First day of skiing at Keystone.

Everyone at the top of the mountain.

Lovey and Gage riding "The Magic Carpet" at ski school.

Lovey and Jake taking a break from the mini slopes.

Lovey during a break with Mimi & Papa.

Soren and Jake ready for another day of ski school.

Niles & I taking a break on a run....thanks to Noah, we needed one.

Doesn't get much cooler than this.

Soren on the slopes.

The bus ride back to the condo..possibly as much of a highlight as ski school.

Ice skating on the last day.

The last bit of fun with the cousins.