Sunday, March 29, 2009

Trip to California

All I had to do was mention a girls trip to Kara (my sister-in-law) and the next day she called me back with my flight confirmation number. We went to California to visit Eve (my other sister-in-law) in Los Angeles. It was so much fun! We ate and shopped and ate and shopped! Eve works on the Paramount lot and took us around and got us into a taping of "The Doctor's"....very cool. Loved hanging out with both of them. They are great girls.

Eating at this yummy taquiera in The Grove.

Me and Kara on the Paramount Lot.

Kara and Eve at one of our many meals.

Kara, me and Renee on the way home. Completely exhausted from our wild weekend.

Courtney's wedding!

My cousin, Courtney, got married this past weekend in California. She was beautiful and the wedding was great. It was one of the most fun receptions I've ever been too. They had live band karaoke....need I say more. My cousin and her friends know how to party. The band found out at the end of the night that everyone was sober. They couldn't believe it and thought it quite frightening that everyone could be that crazy without being inebriated!

My cousins Rachel, Courtney and friend Renee.

Me and the girls outside the LA temple.

Me and Grams together before the reception.

St. Patrick's Day!

Those sneaky leprechauns made their way to our house once again this year! They threw pillows, knocked over kitchen chairs and tossed gold chocolate coins all over. The kids loved it. I'll be sad when the day comes that they won't "believe" in all the fun holiday folklore. It definitely is a great part of the fun of raising kids.
Niles decided that we needed to add to our St. Patty's tradition and made green eggs and ham for breakfast. Lovey and Soren thought it was a bit sketchy at first, but ended up loving it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Disney On Ice

Yesterday, I took the twins to see Disney On Ice. It was a great show and would have won me "mother of the year" had I given into purchasing snow cones for $10 a pop. Seriously, $10 for flavored ice!! I guess Mickey hasn't gotten the memo about our recession. It was still a fun show. The twins were mesmerized the entire time.

Skiing at Sol Vista

While we were up at the cabin I took Soren skiing. Lovey and Niles sledded near the lodge...she needs a little more convincing before she will let us attach "slick planks" to her feet again. Skiing with Soren was one of the best ski days I've ever had. Much better than any fresh powder day. He loved skiing and I enjoyed every minute with him.

Cabin weekend

We spent last weekend up at the cabin with some of our best friends. It was a weekend filled with junk food overload, Games, sledding, skiing and lots of laughs. We invented a new form of entertainment called IPod Karaoke...when it's late and you've overdosed on chocolate it's hilarious! We laughed for 2 hours straight! Niles and I feel very fortunate to have such wonderful people to call friends. Thanks to everyone for making it a memorable time. Can't wait for next year!

Soren and Cooper getting ready for another run.

Niles, Bill and Mike.

sledding with the girls.

Soren enjoying a little snack.

gaming with the girls.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ok here goes! 25 random things about myself.

1. I love taking showers. If the hot water would last all day, I would never get out.
2. There are two things that I love to do but am appallingly bad at: mountain biking and dancing. Growing up, I never understood why I was always in the back during dance recitals. That is, until Niles secretly video taped me busting a move at my cousin's wedding; now everything is crystal clear. I've become quite comfortable with my lack of mountain biking mojo; for me, it's all about the scenery.
3. I hate any kind of gummy candy, and most candies in general. I really would rather eat broccoli than down gummy bears, worms, etc. I also HATE Cheetos!
4. With #3 in mind, you're probably thinking I'm a healthy eater. Think again. I love any baked goods or chocolate I can get my hands on, and often find excuses multiple times a day to indulge myself.
5. I love waking up early and being outside for a good run in the mornings. I love watching the day begin while I'm out. It's a great feeling.
6. I love my friends. We have a camaraderie, respect and understanding there that's difficult to convey in words. Each of them has unique qualities that make them easy to love and admire.
7. I adore my munchkins. They are little miracles that I am forever grateful for.
8. I believe the world would be a kinder place if we would all just be more like my husband.
9. US weekly is my favorite magazine. There, I said it. However, I have never purchased it, because I realize it's smut and can't bring myself to spend a dime on it. Instead, I always pick the longest line at the grocery store, and read it while I "wait."
10. I was nominated in my high school senior class as "Most Likely to Become June Clever". An unfortunate but true fact.
11. My middle name is Alice. Ughh! I've never liked it, and when I was younger I tried to get my parents to change it to "Alysse."
12. I have a stupid human trick: I can be picked up by my hair and feet and swung. If you don't believe me I can email you pictures.
13. I love to read. There's nothing like getting lost in a great book....this is partially why my 4 1/2 year olds still "need" naps. It's very convenient.
14. I don't know what my real hair color is.
15. I minored in French at BYU, did a study abroad in Paris, and still speak horrible French.
16. My latest favorite quote: "Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk while it's still snowing."~Phyllis Diller. Smart lady.
17. I bake cookies and hide them from my kids so I can have them to myself. Sometimes I share.
18. I didn't have my first kiss until after I was 16. I'm not quite sure if I should be proud of this, or embarrassed.
19. I'm deathly afraid of roller coasters. I had to change the channel on the tv once because there was an advertisement for a new super-duper-pee-your-pants ride and it was making my palms sweat.
20. The very thought of decorating my house gives me an ulcer. I wish someone could just do it for me.
21. I am a gamer. I love to play games. Board games, card games; you name it, I like to play it. Settlers of Catan and Canasta have been my running favorites for years.
22. Sushi is probably my first and favorite choice for dinner out.
23. I love that I have a religiion that is my culture and life. It makes life happy.
24. I played the violin for 12 years and rue the day that I quit. Now I'm lucky if I can remember Twinkle, Twinkle little star.
25. Kelly Ripa: when you die, can I have your job?

There you have it. 25 totally random things about Brecken.