Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympic dreams

Soren was mesmerized tonight with The Olympics. We couldn't get the kid to come into the kitchen for dinner.... so, we just went into the family room and joined him. (I know, we're weak!) He loved the speed skating most of all. This was the conversation that took place about it.

Soren: (pointing at the t.v.) Mom, I want to do that.

Me: What? Speed skating.....ok.

Soren: (looking at the t.v. and scratching his head in concentration) But......ummm, I'll have to practice, cause I've never done it

Me: Sounds good :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

God's Insurance Plan

Life (I've learned) doesn't always go as we plan. Or perhaps I should say how I plan; I'm a planner (my sister-in-law referred to me as "Type A" the other day; I'm still not quite sure if it's a pro or con, but I'm going with it). I like things to go my way and I work hard to make sure they go as planned in my head. Unfortunately, life most likely will trump that plan in your head every time.

My high school class voted me most likely to have the most children. Very ironic, seeing that it hasn't worked out that way. For Niles and me, conceiving is difficult and no where close to free. We should have named the twins Bentley and Mercedes :)

With that said, having more children since the twins has been one fiasco to the next. A daunting situation that has led no where. We were to the point of facing "acceptance". Acceptance, to the fact that our little family would stay just that, no more. I hate acceptance. It means our time, energy, prayers, etc. failed. I don't take to it lightly, but was headed there kicking and screaming. This is where God's Insurance Plan comes into play.

Thru trial and even more error, I've come to learn that God has his own plans for us and they are usually more suitable for our overall happiness. Just when I had made up my mind that my two little miracles should and would be enough, God pulled a wild card. Now, don't get too excited. NOT PREGNANT. It still doesn't happen that easy. But, this is the sequence of events that make me very aware that we are watched over and cared for by a Heavenly Father that knows our wants and desires.

#1- The tumor that made the previous IVF cycles fail--POOF, GONE. the first MRI, it was there....6 months later gone. The neurologist had no words for it. Only a few meds needed and my body is now capable of being a hospitable host :)

#2- The next month, Niles got an amazing new job that he loves.

#3- This new company's insurance plan covers IVF 100% with 0 deductible. I've called them 5x, it's legit.

For those of you in the dark......this is unheard of. Companies don't purchase cadillac insurance plans that pay 100% for expensize procedures. This is why I lovingly refer to it as God's Insurance Plan. Just when I thought "my plan" was being forced to change, God insured that we get another try.......and I could not be more grateful, ecstatic and overjoyed!

I've never been so eager to be poked, prodded and drugged:)

So, wish us luck! We hopefully will be a bigger crowd by the end of the year!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The iPhone

I have been the happy owner of an iphone for a little while now and am very glad I broke down and got one. So are my kids. They call it the "gamephone". They watch movies, play games and listen to music all the time. I am constantly asking them where it is and if they could PLEASE remember what they did with it :) Like any other day, London and Soren were listening to music on MY phone and a bit of an argument occurred.

Soren: MOM!!!!!! London won't let me listen to my song!!!

Me: What's going on?

Soren: She got to listen to her song (it's a song that has her name in it, so it's her favorite) and now I want to listen to mine.

Me: Ok, Love let him listen to his song. ( I turn to Soren) What's your song anyhow?

London: It's Single Ladies.

Me: Really? (trying not to laugh)

Soren: Yep (with a shrug)

Ok. Great. Just as long as he doesn't learn the dance :)