Thursday, October 29, 2009


It's been snowing for over 24 hours and is still going strong..... with no signs of slowing. For those of you in warm weather, (you know who you are) I'm totally jealous. This is the scene this morning from my bedroom balcony.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Fun!

Last weekend, Niles let me sleep in (nice guy) and took the twins out to rake up the leaves in the yard. I woke up and went down to find the three of them playing in the leaves. There had been no yard work of any sort going on. Leave it to Niles to be the funnest parent on the planet. After they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves, the leaves finally made their way into our garbage.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Eye rolling

This morning London asked me how to roll her eyes. I gave her a quick "eye rolling 101" and then (because I remembered I'm her mother) made sure to mention that she shouldn't do it very much....probably not the most polite thing to do. She looked up at me a said, " But mommy, you do it all the time." Oh goodness, that girl doesn't miss anything.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Soccer season is in full swing for The Watterson family. This year London decided to join up and is now on The Twirly Girl team.....perfect name for this group of girls. They are all hugs, kisses and everything girly. Soren is also playing with a group of friends, half of whom are from church. This has made it great for rescheduled games, can't have it on Sunday when half your team won't be there. It's definitely worked to our advantage. It's been great watching them have so much fun out on the field. Soren spends most free time at home kicking a soccer ball into one wall or another. Nothing broken yet......

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Thank goodness for vision screenings in kindergarten or we never would have known. I almost broke down at the doctor watching her try and complete the eye exam. Come to find out, she mostly uses only her right eye to see. Glasses are going to be a whole new world for her. Lucky for us, she thinks it's pretty cool. She had so much fun picking out her first pair of glasses and of course they are hot pink.

A conversation followed post eye exam between me and Lovey.

Me "Love, aren't you so excited for your new glasses, now skiing won't be scary for you. You'll love it!"

Lovey "Mommy, that's not why I didn't like skiing. It's not that I couldn't see, it's that I couldn't stop."

Smarty Pants.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

St George Marathon

This past weekend I went and ran the St George Marathon! The weather was perfect (no rain like last year!) and it went great. My friend Rachel was my training partner and she was awesome....a great person to train with. Thanks to all her organized training I was able to get my best time and was able to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Britt came down with Thatcher and met me at the finish line. Then she took me home to recoup on her couch for the rest of the weekend in Las Vegas. I'm glad I did it and now very glad that I'm going to get a little break....I still can't walk normally!

Rachel and I on the flight out.

We were lucky enough to get a private ride up to the starting line..thanks Eric!

Rachel and I right before the race.

Britt and I afterwards.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Playroom?

The picture below is evidence to what I found when I returned home the other day. Niles decided to dry out our tent from a scouting trip and thought hey why not let the kids play with EVERY single crayon, paper, pencil, marker, paints, tape, scissors, etc we own in our front room. Everyone will be happy to know that I did not kill the instigator of this fun time project. He is gratefully alive and well.