Sunday, November 30, 2008

First annual tree cutting

Off we went Saturday morning to find the perfect tree up HWY 285. Niles and I both imagined beautiful, thick trees all around....not so much. We were thinking Tagawa's.
What we saw was more Charlie Brown. We spent quite a while searching for a tree that would fit the bill. Luckily, we were able to convince the kids that it was a fun adventure to spend over an hour in the freezing cold looking for a decent tree. It was a fun time until Lovey melted down. I think her words were "I can't take it any more!...I'm freezing!" and halted dead in her tracks. She and the tree were huffed back to the car, both arriving luckily unscathed. We will have to see if there will ever be a second annual tree cutting in our future.

Soren's first published photo of mom and dad. Great job!

London & Soren ready to find "the tree".

London, Soren and dad with the tree of choice.

Pit stop.

Love & mom pre-meltdown.


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all Niles' family this past Thursday. all 16 grandkids ran around, watched movies, played games and ate lots of yummy food. In true Watterson style, there were a few "fix it" projects, lots of yummy food and hours of visiting. It was a great holiday!

the kiddos ready and waiting for Their feast.

Me and Niles.

Niles, London and great grandma Elaine.

Candyland...a high intense game of competition when 4 year olds are involved.

Example A: of "fix-it" Watterson family holiday projects.

The Watterson ladies.

An attempt at a family picture...they will thank me later, right?!

Another Watterson family tradition...Eve's ritual snooze.

Splish! Splash!

There's never a shortage of creative activities going on between my two munchkins. This past week they decided to take "mini tubs" while they were supposed to be brushing their teeth. Water was everywhere! They got photographed...thinking they were pretty smug until they got sent to bed without storytime.

Monday, November 17, 2008

pseudo siblings

To their great chagrin...the twins have no younger siblings. So they have turned to the next best thing...stuffed animals These cozy creatures have become like family to our little ones. They dress them, they cuddle them, they make them little beds to sleep in, They come on vacation, They've even tried to feed them(that one won't be tried twice). It's adorable and very endearing to see them care for these little pseudo-baby siblings.....great practice for real thing.

Blankie Bear in his "pajamas", ready for bed.

Fluffy and Sharebear all cozy in their makeshift bed.

BYU vs. Air Force

There's something about a group of fans, blankets, hot chocolate and a large stadium that I love. the only thing I know about football is that the home team wears the darker color...sad, I know. But, I still love going to football games. It's a great time. BYU did a great job beating AF. We had great seats, thanks to Rob and Kara, and had a blast.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

God smokes?

We were stopped at a stop light. I was on the cellphone and the twins were having their usual chatter. A man pulled up next to us smoking a cigarette. We'd had the talk about what smoking was and why it wasn't good for you. London and Soren were re-iterating it to eachother and basically shaming the poor soul who was puffing away. This is the conversation that followed:

London " You know Sore, Heavenly father smokes."

Soren "Really?"

Me " WHAT!!!, click, where did you learn that?"

London "At church."

Me "What?"

London "It's in one of the songs we learned in sharing time."

Me "UH, what song would that be?"

London singing, "When Jesus Christ was baptized down in the river Jordan three members of the god head were present there in love. The Father SMOKED from heaven when Jesus christ was baptized, the holy ghost descended as gently as a dove.....see mom it's in the song."

Me "Sweetie, it's spoke, not smoked."

London "What's spoke mean?"

Me "the past for talk."

London "OH,....ok."

Glad we got that one cleared up! I considered letting them know he didn't drink or do drugs either.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The week of Halloween

Halloween is no longer an hour of knocking doors with your kids. It is a week full of festivities...I love it. It was a week full of pumpkin carving, trunk or treating, the school halloween program, the annual halloween parade and finally trick or treating. This year we spent halloween night with some of our great friends. The kids had a blast and the dads had possibly more fun than the kids. As of Friday night, the annual "Frightmare" has begun. The guys all dressed up and spent most of the night scaring kids (older kids, we wouldn't let them scare the little ones). They were having so much fun, all the moms left to put kids to bed and the guys stayed for about 2 more hours! It was hilarious to watch! We had a great halloween and can't wait for "Frightmare 2009". Thanks Shelly and Justin for a fun night.

The dirty work of cleaning out the pumpkin...of course mom's job.

The finished product.

The school halloween program.

Me, Love and Soren before the parade.

Soren and his stash.

Niles and Soren.

Erin, Me, Shelly and Tamara watching the guys prepare for Frightmare.

Niles and Jeremy getting ready to scare,

Sverre...wins best zombie ankle grabber.

The guys in their full "frightmare" glory.