Friday, July 25, 2008

10 years

Ten years ago, Niles and I married in the Denver Temple. There's a quote that reads something like, "In the journey of life, it's not where you go, but who is by your side that matters". This is how I feel about our relationship. We have had a great 10 years and have made many wonderful memories. I look forward to many more years of creating memories with him and our children.
Niles is a great writer, which has made me a frequent receiver of poems and letters over the years. I personally, pride myself on my incredible list making abilities. So here is my version of a poem. 10 reasons why I love my husband of 10 years:

1. He has an amazing wit and a contagious laugh.
2. He loves to learn and has a great appreciation for anything obscure (this includes foods).
3. He is handsome, but doesn't realize it.
4. He is a great teacher.
5. He is an Eagle Scout (in all sense of the title),
6. He will (with prodding) watch chic flicks with me.
7. He is kindhearted and forgiving to a fault.
8. He is Mister Safety.
9. He adores his children and is an amazing father.
10. He always gives me the end of his ice cream cone.

Ok, the last one might seem a little odd to some. In my opinion, the bottom of the cone is the best part of the whole ice cream cone experience. 11 years ago, on a date at Dairy Queen, I told Niles this and also added that, "if someone really cared about the other person they would offer up the bottom of the cone as a token of love to the other." Since that night, the bottom of the cone has been a small symbal of love to the other person. I have been the fortunate receiver of many ends of ice cream cones. It has been a great ten years.

side note: big hair and big bouquets must of been "in" , in 1998.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Welcome Home Grandpa & Grandma!

After 3 long years, Russ and Nila have returned from the Baltics! We have been so excited to have them around again. It was a great reunion. The entire Watterson clan gathered for an afternoon of food and fun. We had a wonderful time visiting, it was as if Russ and Nila had never left. The twins are so excited to have Grandpa Russ and Grandma Nila here to play with.... I'm pretty sure they're not the only grandkids that are thrilled with their return. Welcome Home!

the twins creating their welcome home masterpiece!

G&G Watterson with Soren, Nya, Bryn and London.

The ladies visiting at the park.

A pic of our family with the returnees.

Three generations of Watterson men.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

princesses vs. bad guys

London couldn't figure out why the neighbor boy kept shooting her with a water gun? They were supposed to be re-inacting The Little Mermaid...duh?! By the end Landon, the neighbor boy, was duped into hugging and dancing in the front yard. So much for bad guys with squirt guns. And yes, London decided her dress up skirt made a perfect head dress. Very inventive.

Lovey with the duped.

swimming with papa!

Last week before The Musgrave clan took off, Papa took the kids swimming, to see Wall-E and to Mcdonalds. All activities involved an over load of sweets and a great time. We are still detoxing from candy overload.....a small price to pay for all the fun that was had.

Soren and papa

Lovey leaving fingerprints on papa's forehead.

papa and the grandkids.

Gotta Love the zoo

My family zoo pass has probably been the best "investment" I've made this year. We made our latest trip with Brit and her kids while they were in town. It was a perfect day, the kids took turns riding the wagon, we ate ice cream, saw hippos and once again had a personal tour guide...yes that would be London.

Jake putting his life in Soren's hands.....really.

ice cream just tastes better on the radio flyer.

Our little tour guide...Gage was thrilled.

Soren, showing up the sea turtle.

Mimi with the grandkids.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Good times, great friends, fabulous wallets

The other night we went out for my friend Erin's birthday and surprise baby shower. She's having her fourth at the end of the month and was adamant about the fact that she would not attend anything baby that was organized on her behalf....So Tamara did it anyway. We tricked her into a birthday dinner and then lured her back to Tamara's house with chocolate cake.
We got her the infamous Hobo wallet for her birthday. A bunch of us have this wallet and we all love it. The rest who don't have it, will be getting it for their birthdays. Seriously, the best wallet I've ever owned. If you don't have one, go get one and enjoy. You won't be sorry.
Wallets aside, it was a great evening amongst great friends. Happy birthday and baby to Erin!

Everyone at Bonefish Grill for dinner.

Erin with "The" wallet.

A bunch of the girls back at Tamara's house.

Shawna, Tamara and Lori

Erin and I at the shower.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July in Vail

We spent a wonderful 4th of July in Vail with my parents, Brit and her kids. It was a great weekend to be in the mountains. We went to the parade, we walked around the shops, went to the pool, watched fire works and ate way too much food. My dad spent the weekend sugaring the kids up with every candy, ice cream and chocolate milk available. London doesn't even say "hi papa" anymore, she just walks up to him and asks where the treats are. Smart girl. It was a fun and relaxing weekend.

Niles and Soren after the parade

Mimi and Lovey watching the parade.

All the kids watching the parade.

The kids with their new shades and sucker necklaces from Mimi and Papa.

The boys hanging out in the hotel lounge.

Soren sitting with Shakespeare in the Village...he couldn't figure out if he was real or not for the longest time.

One of the many highlights was the Vail bus...we could have only done this and they would have been more than pleased.

Our family outside the hotel in Vail.

Good Times!

Gage, Jake and Grace have been in town for a while and the twins could not be happier. They love their cousins and have so much fun with them. Soren wants to be where ever Gage and Jake go. It is fun to see them all together! They are great friends. Lovey has done a wonderful of hanging with the boys.

diving in at the hotel pool in Provo

Soren, Jake, Gage and London showing off their muscles.

Posing politely for the moms....this didn't happen very often.

goofing around at dinner.

Lovey holding Grace

The MTC with Brock

Going to take Brock to the MTC with a bittersweet experience. We are so proud of his decision to go on a mission, but sad that we won't see him for two years. He'll do a great job, he's so ready and excited to teach the gospel. Chile is lucky to be getting him.

Noah, Twink and Brock

Everyone hanging out, staring at Brock and his luggage.

Me and Brock outside the MTC.

The Last Meal

The night before Brock went into the MTC we all went to dinner at Goodwood's and then to the Creamery. A trip to Provo is incomplete without a treat from the BYU creamery. It was such a fun night visiting and goofing around. The kids didn't get to bed until almost midnight. (yes, I paid for that the next day).

Brock and I at Goodwoods

Lovey and Soren with their Uncle Brock

Noah and Brock being dorks...this is what happens when you stay up past 10pm.

The whole gang at The Creamery.

Temple with Brock

Everyone came into town last weekend for Brock's farewell. It was so fun to see everyone and spend some family time together. All of us went to the temple this weekend, it was a great opportunity to go together before Brock left for the MTC.