Thursday, October 6, 2011

A St. George weekend

I love, love, love St George and look forward to our annual trip down there each year. It is beautiful, warm and filled with sore people shuffling around after 26.2 miles of pure agony and elation of the ST George marathon. We spent another great weekend there with friends and our kids. Friday we spent a majority of the day at Zion's National Park. It was so great to finally take them there and enjoy it with them. They were great little troopers and I was surprised at how adventurous they were. Next year we are planning to go back and do more exploring!

Niles ran the marathon for the third time on Saturday! The twins loved waiting on the sidelines, watching for him to come around the corner....for about 10 minutes. Then they became impatient and wondered why dad couldn't run 26.2 miles faster? come on, right! :) When he finally made his appearance they ran the last .2 miles in with him. What fun for them. We love St George and can't wait to get back. Maybe it will be my turn to run next year!

Bus ride up the canyon.

Zane in is his mini man hat:)

Cute Soren

Love went a bit deeper and got alot wetter then she intended.

This is about as deep as we really got. Next year maybe we will man up and really get wet!

Poor Zane unsuccessfully attempted a nap on our excursion - he was so frustrated by the end!


tiffany garfield photography said...

fun! Love the pic of lovey soaked and that she's laughing it off :) she so cute.

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